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Movement Inspiration 6/10/14 Underwater fight
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Movement Inspiration 6/10/14 Underwater fight

We had a wonderful seminar in Philadelphia Saturday, with a great group of people. Already looking forward to my next visit. Back to the blogging now.

On sunday after the seminar Chris Moran who blogs at The Animal Mimself took me to beautiful quiet lake to spend the day swimming and resting in the sun. Thanks Chris.

The experience reminded me of a favorite game as a kid. Underwater fighting. Underwater you can throw punches and kicks quite hard without creating much impact on your play partner, you also can easily do jumping spinning kicks and punches that aren’t possible or quite difficult on land, making fighting under water feel like comic book fighting. One could of course play it more seriously and think about how one would fight underwater and how that environment would change your tactics and strategies as well. Or you can just enjoy this as a whimsical fun form of play, a frolic in the Daniel Dumbrowksi taxonomy of play.

For inspiration check out this wonderful scene from Jackie Chan’s first strike.

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