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Movement Inspiration 9/9/14 Simple and sub maximal
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Movement Inspiration 9/9/14 Simple and sub maximal

If you want to be a master of jumping you need be able to jump far, you need to be able to do a wide variety of jumps and you need to develop control and precision of your jumping capacities. You can say this about virtually any movement.

I have history in my own training of chasing bigger or more technical jumps without regards to owning the jumps I can already do. Recently I was shooting some baskets and the analogy struck me that always focusing on doing a bigger jumps without working on precision and control of smaller jumps was like always working on being able to shoot further from the hoop without working on becoming more accurate at mid range jump shots and lay ups.

A boxer should of course work on punching power, and should explore new patterns, set ups, and strikes but they need to always be making sure the jab, cross, hooks and upper cuts are precise, efficient, and fluid. Without the fundementals power can not be applied and the more exotic stuff will be far less effective.

For a long jumper getting their jump from 25 to 26 feet is all that matters but for the generalist mover fundamental control at all jumping distance is paramount.

There is model in physical culture that increasing maximum capacity will automatically improve capacity at lower percentages of max and this works for simple pure output efforts like compound lifts or flat land sprintss but for precise and complex efforts it is not the case. You need to put in the reps to build absolute control at lower percentages of maximum.

So my challenge for you, is to return to something basic in your practice and take the time to dig down to a new level of refinement.

Yesterday I spent half an hour working on the exact spot on my foot that gave me the best ability to control a precision landing, both barefoot and shod interestingly I found some subtle differences and I think I discovered some ways to strengthen my feet specifically to be better at controlling precision landings. This type of deep examination of basics must be a regular part of practice to continue the path to mastery.

For movement inspiration check out this video from Emily Sison. Whose quality of movement shoes a deep attention to detail.

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