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Seminar week wrap up
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Seminar week wrap up

I am back in Washington now after a whirlwind week in the Bay area. In 5 days I taught two seminars plus personals, two full days of scouting the location, a separate jam day at golden gate park, contact dance jam and Axis Syllabus classes with Shira Yasiv of the athletic playground, filmed a mobilitywod feature with Kelly Starret as well as sundry sword fighting and hanging out.  I am feeling very blessed by the kindness of the my hosts Ryan and Rachel, and the opportunity to work with so many talented and passionate people.

Enjoyed some of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen and got a first opportunity to practice bridging between vertical tree trunks.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip.

IMG_1754 20141108_152314 (2) 20141107_135152 20141106_1150541913201_10152581210074102_8868913575265809606_o 10658593_10152581210019102_2073460002260934155_o 10750217_10152581210044102_5218360339269245487_o15583532928_00280af1af_k




Quick clips I took



I hope you enjoy the pictures and clips and find some inspiration to go look for similar opportunities in your local environments.

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