The Why, What and How of Evolve Move Play: EMP Podcast 32

The Why, What and How of Evolve Move Play

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
– Socrates

I would argue that the unexamined practice similarly may not be worth pursuing.

Yet I see the question is rarely deeply examined, whether in natural movement, parkour, movement culture or fitness and sport in general.

In all of these fields we predominantly focus on what training should be done and how we can achieve our goals, but how often do we stop to deeply explore the why?

It seems to me, many of us are following the sport model without considering what it is or why we are following it, and those who have rejected it are left with nihilism?

Why move? Move because.

This does not satisfy me and I don’t think it leads anywhere worthwhile.

We need to think more deeply about what we are getting out of our practices, what brings us back to them, and how we can get more of what is truly most important to us from our movement practice.

We need to ask the question, “Why do we practice,” and then we need to align the what and the how of our practice with that why.

In this video we offer the beginning of our answer, stay tuned there is more to come.


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