Experience transformative outdoor natural movement.

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Learn to move like a human

Reclaim your capacity to move with flow over grass, rocks, and trees. Learn to develop yourself through contact, roughhousing, dance, and combatives. Reconnect with nature and develop your aliveness in movement to become a more resilient and embodied human.

He synthesizes the best from dozens of movement disciplines to create training regimen that produces dramatic results–I’ve never progressed faster than I did under his instruction.

Ben Hamm

Traceurs, Crossfitter, Tae Kwon DO

Rafe gave us permission and guidance to explore our physical capabilities as well as push our personal boundaries.

Robert Lansdell

Return to the Source Participant

He’s a damn cool dude who not only knows a lot about movement, but has a gift for explaining things and making the complicated seem simple.

Josh Vogel

BJJ Black belt, Coach at Balance studio’s BJJ, MovNat level 2 certified coach