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Inspiration 10/21/14 Be a Mover(Ido Portal)
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Inspiration 10/21/14 Be a Mover(Ido Portal)

Ido Portal released a new video sunday. It’s very worthwhile to watch for movement inspiration.

If you have been following the Evolve Move Play blog for awhile you will know the admiration I hold for Ido and his approach.

I had the chance to train with Ido in 2010 before he was widely known thanks to a heads up from Crossfit Portland owner Scott Hagnass. In 2012 I spent 3 days taking his shoulder, hip, and breakfalling seminars at the Monkey Vault in Toronto and this january I did a day long movement x seminar with two of his trainers Odelia Goldschmidt and Johnny Sapinoso at level 4 crossfit.

Ever time I have had the chance to train with Ido and his team I have come away with something very useful.

Ido’s method and the Evolve Move Play method are both devoted to the idea of the human as a mover and the Evolve Move Play method was directly influenced by Ido’s conception of the mover.

Which brings us to what makes this video so interesting, it is the combination of diversity and quality in movement.

In this little snapshot of Ido’s practice we see, elements related to martial arts and the development of hand speed, we see exploration of different whipping and spirals through the spine to the peripheral body(similar to some of the ideas featured yesterday) we see further extensions of Ido’s locomotion work, and the expansion of his practice to moving over obstacles in this case a rail. The control and quality of movement is beautiful through out.

What is inspiring to me about this is idea that any mover can absorb material from a diversity of sources and expand their capacity and adaptability through that. Over the past century at least the tendency within the movement community was towards specialization, towards narrow adaption in specific dogmatic practices, the whipping actions Ido works on might me seen as part of one martial art style and not another, and blinded by the in group out group dynamic the tendency was to reject what was not part of your specific movement dogma.

Ido has had huge influence in popularizing another approach one that tries to find what a mover in general can learn from many different practices. It’s beautiful concept.

Take some inspiration from it and see what you can practice from this video. For myself I immediately went out and played with the hand whipping actions and will be playing with combination at :50 seconds which contains allot of elements I already practice but with some intricate transitions that I have not explored.

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