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Inspiration 11/12/14 never too old
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Inspiration 11/12/14 never too old

At the seminar this weekend we were blessed to have 56 year old Phillip Hershkowitz, he contacted me before signing up because while very interested in what we did he was afraid he was too old. Phil was pretty sure he would not be able to join us in the tree climbing and tree running part of the seminar but when I broke down what I wanted the students to do he joined in and had blast, he came back and we chatted about how it took him back to childhood, my oldest student was 72, my second oldest 67 the 67 year old was full of stories about athletic adventures in his youth and couldn’t believe he had given up on such pursuits for so much of his life.

Incredibly I have had people as young as 24 ask me if they were to old to get started in movement. If your alive and healthy you can improve your capacity for movement, a good coach can regress skills appropriately to wide variety of physical ability levels.  There is no use regret what you might have achieved if you started earlier you can only gain by practicing, you do know where the journey will take you, but “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”
Today I came across these videos of a woman in later middle age practicing parkour and thought them well worth the share.

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