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Memos from the movement, movement: Lewie West edition
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Memos from the movement, movement: Lewie West edition

I have mentioned before that Lewie West is one of my favorite movers to watch, with an extraordinary skill in flow using floor movement and acrobatics. Based on a circus acrobatics structure, he seamlessly blends with elements of b-boy, dance, capoeira and parkour,  generating tons of unique combinations. A really under appreciated genius.

Well this is a good week for an appreciation as he released a new tumbling video.

As well as a new video showing a highly trained movers approach to developing a whole new competency, highlighting how we can all benefit by returning to the novice stage over and over.

As well as having recently done an awesome podcast with our friends over at well rounded athlete, his breakdown of his creative process is fascinating listening.

Finally Justin from well rounded athlete wrote up a nice expansion on the lateral vs vertical creativity idea Lewie proposes which is well worth reading. The concept resonates with the wider and deeper concept I apply to my training.

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