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Movement inspiration 1/1/13 the rain
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Movement inspiration 1/1/13 the rain

Movement inspiration 1/1/13 the rain

Yesterday we explored the value of training in the dark, today lets look at training in the rain and the wet.

This is probably the biggest complaint for traceurs, rain and snow, your shoes slip, you get wet and uncomfortable, your forced to move slowly, all the big running jumps, flips, kongs, precisions cat leaps and wall passes are far more difficult and potentially dangerous and for many traceurs that is reason enough not to train.

When you explore training in the wet though you find new movement possibilities, so your feet slide, cool learn to use that, learn to recognize which surfaces grip when wet and which don’t, become more sensitive in your foot work, scale back the amplitude of what you do and find if you can do it in this new more difficult condition.

Here is quick clip from a recent rain training I did, and then my favorite wet condition training video.

My challenge to you is next time it rains see it as an opportunity not a obstacle and go play with the rain, learn to slide, to flow to develop light and neutral footwork.

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