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Movement Inspiration 1/27/14 learn to learn
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Movement Inspiration 1/27/14 learn to learn

Parkour can be seen as process of movement problem solving, define a challenge and then figure out how to over come it. One thing that I have found through practicing parkour is that I learn other movements more easily now because constantly working on stuff that is challenging prepares you to be okay feeling challenged and regularly solving movement challenges develops confidence that you are capable of figuring out new movements and strategies for doing so.

The last couple of days I have been challenged to get around on a skateboard for transportation purposes. As child I developed a fascination with skateboarding and tried to learn but ended up to frustrated by the learning curve and dropped it. My frustration was I think driven by the expectation that I would learn at certain rate or experience a certainly level of success quickly.

Coming back to skateboarding now I have no expectations and no attachment to the results, it is just another movement challenge and sure enough its fun to do.

I view board and wheel sports as derivations of locomotion, I think people should have a good base in moving there own body first but there is lot of amazing potential movement through playing with these tools, allot of fun to be had.

Learn to learn how to move and then always continue picking up new things.

For your inspiration today check out this amazing video by Gou miyagi which mixes elements of parkour and really clowning with skating in an amazing way.

Your movement challenge today ask yourself why you decided you couldn’t do something and if what you have learned since can help you overcome that idea, go play without expectation with a movement pattern you have found frustrating.

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