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Movement inspiration 1/31/14 Let go of your limits and expectations
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Movement inspiration 1/31/14 Let go of your limits and expectations

Something a bit different today, yesterday someone reposted this video, Which is incredible inspiring to watch.

We can all move and improve on our movements, to often we get limited by our ego more concerned by whether we are good or bad then whether we actually enjoy what we do.

It is true that we will not all end up at the same level with movement but what matters is the process and the joy it brings. Should this boy not practice because of his physical limitations? Of course not and will focusing on them do him any good again no. The same goes for us all don’t get attached to expectations of the results of your practice but don’t limit yourself by perception sof your limitations either.

When you find yourself saying I should be able to do this because he or she can let it go its your journey not theirs that is your ego talking and its not helping you, and when you find yourself saying it i ok that I can’t do this because he or she is so much more talented let go of that to, that is you protecting your ego and that is not helping you either. Let go of the attachment to expectation and limitation and enjoy the process.

At the most basic level play is fundamental about the process not the goal, the goal can change during the game, its about the feeling of play. Find the practice that supports that feeling for you and let go of expectations that pull you out of that state.

Your challenge today is to think about your motivations, your self limitations meditate on why you practice and what you can let go of to make it more true to you and your goals

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