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Movement inspiration 12/17/13 speed
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Movement inspiration 12/17/13 speed

Speed is one of the major missing pieces in most peoples training, sprinting is one of the most powerful means of making yourself more explosive and athletic and yet many movement disciplines rarely address it.  In parkour this is a particularly egregious error, despite the explosion of skill in doing bigger jumps better flow and more complex acrobatics most parkour videos show slower movement than in the past not faster and the movement choices themselves are not optimized for speed.

Here is little outtake from tree runner which shows the fastest way through a set of obstacles(assuming you have to go over the trees). My record here is 8.4 seconds, nobody else has been able to break 10, and it is due to the hurdle it makes a huge difference in speed on this course.

Take some time in your training today to do some sprints and drill your hurdle.

5×30 meters with a full rest in between is great recipe for developing speed and for more on hurdles check out this video

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