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Movement inspiration 12/22/13 Cherish your spots
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Movement inspiration 12/22/13 Cherish your spots

Movement inspiration 12/22/13 Cherish your spots

Recently I stopped to train at my favorite close to my house only to find one of the main features had been chopped down. I had initially seen it as a good but fairly limited spot best for lowline movement and not much else. Over time I found it had great precision jumps, routes, acro possibilities and swings and in the same area there were branch to branch jumps up in sycamore trees and an amazing monkey bar tree you could swing 360 degrees around. I never found the time to film except a few things I grabbed on my phone but I wanted to make a small tribute to this spot.

I hope that if we can build a culture of movers with more and more people finding beautiful spots like these that people will become more sensitive to what they destroy when the take out such a unique set of trees.

Even though the primary feature that attracted me to the spot is gone I found another group of laurels nearby that offer a completely different set of movement challenges once again I had dismissed them as less interesting, but I will continue to train there, on the new laurels, the sycamores and the monkey bar tree.

My challenge to you then is if you have spot you thought destroyed go back and see if there was something you missed something that was overshadowed but might turn out to be really rich in movement potential itself.

If you don’t have such a spot, my challenge is to find some trees to train on that are dense and low, laurel trees, rhododendrons, any sprawling bushy tree can offer these types of opportunities.

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