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Movement inspiration 12/30/13 wider and deeper
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Movement inspiration 12/30/13 wider and deeper

Movement inspiration 12/30/13 wider and deeper

In physical practice we must always seek to both widen and deepen what we can do. Expand the boundaries of what we can do and at the same time improve and solidify the things we can already do.

When you make new jump in parkour, land a new combo in boxing, lift a new weight in weight lifting this is in a sense a widening of what you can do, but mastery comes when you go back to that jump and ask did I do it as well as possible, was my landing perfect, my take off, my run up, now can I do it when its wet, when its dark, when I am being timed, when I am being chased or chasing, when I am fatigued, when I am scared. Go deeper unwrap the layers of challenge in that one thing, but don’t get stuck there either keep finding new things, new jumps, new combo’s new movements

In the same way, with movement practices some people jump from one thing to the next moving on without ever really seeing the depths of what a given practice can offer. Others get so comfortable with one practice they never expand.

In your practice today look for an opportunity to do both, practice an old route or jump, combo or sequence and find the nuances you haven’t seen, challenge yourself to do it with some extra stressor, fatigue, excitement fear.
Then find a new movmenet, line combo,or sequence you have never done and see what they can teach you. Alternatively try something you have never done, a form of dance, a martial art any type of movement training.

For inspiration here is a movement sequence I have gone very deeply with and one that is totally novel

Compare the line here

with the same line from speed test

For over 3 years I have been returning to this line and finding new ways to do it faster and for something more embarrassing, here is one of my early experiments in widening my practice into dance, on beautiful cloudy evening trying to move to music on top of wet sandy logs. I hope you enjoy the ending.

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