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Movement Inspiration 2/16/14 Let it go and play
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Movement Inspiration 2/16/14 Let it go and play

Yesterday was a landmark day for one of my students, after 6 weeks of training split between parkour, combatives, handbalancing, sprinting and weight lifting he had developed enough body confidence and enough parkour movement tools to actually play parkour. I could point him at an area and say go do parkour over there and see what you find. Previously doing that would have resulted in him quickly getting stuck and repeating a couple movements. Before you can play a song you need to own a few notes.

But once you own some notes you should start playing for this more to be learned from playing then just more notes.

My challenge to you today is if you have movement language, if you have some basic words sn see if you can let it all go and play in that movement context.

If you have some basic parkour go to rich area and let go of drilling so many kongs or so many step vaults, and just take 5 minutes to explore start moving and don’t stop let your momentum carry you into new movements new connections and see what you find.

If you have different movement base dance, martial arts, lifting, try to find away to explore in similar way. Let fun and exploration guide you.

For some playful inspiration check out Josh Bullet Brauer’s winter video

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