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Movement inspiration 3/14/15 Race somebody
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Movement inspiration 3/14/15 Race somebody

Foot races are a majorelement of play in children. Walking along with your friends you spot a likely finish line call it and then take off. Over time it seems we lose the fun involved in this and the need to win winnows down those interested in racing to the very few who can win against almost everybody else. Kids have the solution to one athlete being faster they self handicap, the negotiate new rules for the game but our cultures focus on winning and very specific sports without much room for free play slowly makes racing just something we do in specific running events.

In parkour head to head races are almost non existent despite this being one of the most fundamental games of locomotive play, and an obvious test of your actually capacity to reach or escape.

So today I challenge you to find a training partner and run some races.

My training today involved, handstand walking races, quadrupedal movement races, and tree vaulting races, it was really fun. So much fun I forgot to get video.

I also can’t find any videos online of kids or even dogs just racing despite seeing this all the time apparently nobody find it interesting.

So for inspiration watch this awesome video of gibbons and otters playing, looks like the otters are racing.

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