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Movement inspiration 3/16/14 Take a hike
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Movement inspiration 3/16/14 Take a hike

When we talk about elements of our ancestral life styles that are missing in the modern age one of the biggest is simplY locomotion getting from point to point we have touched a great deal about the highest intensity and complexity aspects of this but these are only part of the picture, low intensity physical activity is huge difference between modern western and traditional lifestyles, in the past we walked, we walked allot. In addition we use to have to walk through complex environments, where you had to pick and choose your steps, where you moved up and down slopes over hard rock rock and soft mud.

This may seem some what trivial compared to deadlifting double body weight or jumping between tree branches but those complex environments feed a ton of information to our brain refining our capacity to move, and being in natural environments is enormously valuable for the pysche, and this type of activity develops the robustness of the body and pysche in its own ways you maybe very fast and strong but be humbled quickly by day spent walking through the woods.

So instead of taking rest days I like to take low intensity days, with a long hike in the woods and gentle tree climbs. Thats my challenge to you. Get of sidewalk and even the trail find a place you can hike through the woods up and down slopes and better yet do it barefoot.

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