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Movement Inspiration 6/14/18 Duck Duck Goose
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Movement Inspiration 6/14/18 Duck Duck Goose

When I first started introducing the concept of aliveness to the parkour program at parkour visions one of the first games I discovered that made a great approach practicing actual reach and escape in alive way was good old duck duck goose.

The modifications are fairly simple

Rather then everyone sitting in a circle we have everyone sit or stand in a line facing away from an obstacle course, on the obstacle course you have series of gates through which the players have to pass once somebody was selected, if the goose lands a tag the roles switch and the other player chases him back through the gates in order until one player manages to make it back to the line.

You can regress this game all the way back to regular duck duck goose, or start doing it over low obstacles and work your way up.

Try it out and have some fun.
No video of this so enjoy a recent video from my friend Emily Ganguly. One of the movers I most admire in the parkour community.

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