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Movement inspiration 6/24/14 Putting it all together
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Movement inspiration 6/24/14 Putting it all together

One of the intellectual predecessors to the Evolve Move Play method is Methode Naturelle, MN training advocated practicing obstacle courses that included 10 essential elements, walking, running, quadrupedal movement, climbing, jumping, swimming, balancing, lifting, throwing, and self defense. In general the idea in MN was to train all of these elements in a session in the space of 40-60 minutes and do so with continuity of movement. These categories are condensed in the Evolve Move Play concept of locomotion, manipulation and interaction.

Evolve Move Play sessions tend to utilize more rest in order to allow higher levels of power and more refined technique to be developed, true competence across all three realms also requires more time then just 40-60 minute sessions, training sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours and often hit 3 hours, even this is not enough to have focused development across all these different movement capacities.

In general a training day includes ground locomotion training and swimming, ground locomotion and interaction, or ground locomotion and manipulation. Occasionally though it is very good to put them all together. So that is my challenge for you today find some time soon for a session where you Run, jump, climb, and flow on the ground, lift, carry and throw and swim, dive and play in the water.

For inspiration enjoy this less well know video featuring parkour founder David Belle and his student Stephane Vigroux doing a mixed session of parkour and self defense in the beautiful fontainebleau and lisses.

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