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Movement inspiration 9/23/14 Dance party
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Movement inspiration 9/23/14 Dance party

My daughter turned 2, a couple weeks ago, so we took her to her first dance class last saturday, she was not unexpectedly a little bit shy during the class but she has not stopped talking about it since and she has eschewed story time, for dance parties, before bed, as well as dance parties when she wakes up and dance parties when she gets home from day care. Up until recently, if I was around dancing meant me swinging her about, now though she likes dancing on the ground with me instead of just being carried its adorable,  I am pretty sure its helping me become a better dancer too.

Her favorite current moves, are forward chasses, spins, level changes and spinning level changes, she recently did a spin jump up and landed almost in the splits, the movement creativity and joy of a 2 year old is an amazing thing to behold.

She won’t let me film her so I figured I would share her favorite dance video instead she will sit and watch this 10 times in a row with the most rapt attention, dancing is the only thing on TV that holds her attention, if we turn the TV on for any other reason she asks for dancing and when we say its not on she tells us firmly “no TV”. I appreciate her priorities.

Your challenge today is to dance with the abandon of a 2 year old.

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