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EMP Podcast 110
The Permaculture of Movement with Rodrigo Salulima | EMP Podcast 110
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The Permaculture of Movement with Rodrigo Salulima | EMP Podcast 110


Episode Breakdown

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Welcome back to the EMP Podcast!

Today we are joined by Rodrigo Salulima. Rodrigo has been a student of Ido Portal since 2013 and has since branched off to become the owner, teacher and caregiver at his movement facility Pratique Movimento in Brazil.

Today he is joining us to talk about his philosophy on movement practice, his insights on Movement Culture, and lessons he’s learned in leadership, community and cultivating practices that help people truly thrive.

Enjoy the show!

00:00 Intro
00:39 – Permaculture and the Body
28:08 internal ad
30:20 – Leadership and the Growth of Community
38:57 – What is “Movement Practice?”
46:10 – Movement Culture, Parkour & Natural Movement
01:02:56 – Indoor & Outdoor Training, Locomotor Play
01:20:21 – Capoeira and the importance of culture.
01:41:11 – The “I” Method and Coaching Pedagogy

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Rodrigo Salulima


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