Stop Chasing Pain Part 2 with Perry Nickelston: EMP Podcast 52

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00:00 – Intro
03:31 – Play Prescription
10:06 – Pain and Balancing the Systems
19:42 – The Lymphatic System
23:55 – The Healing Hierarchy
42:50 – Outro

Stop Chasing Pain Part 2 with Perry Nickelson

This week we will wrap up our conversation about pain, play and healing with Dr. Perry Nickelston. In our last episode we laid the foundation for understanding how difficult it can be to get a handle on chronic pain. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check that out, hit the link below to get caught up.

Stop Chasing Pain Part 1 with Perry Nickelston: EMP Podcast 51



“Pain is a request for change… it’s your body telling you ‘I need you to change something’.”

-Perry Nickelston


We so often mistake pain as being just a signal of injury. When our lower back aches, or our shoulder cries out every time we put it into extension, it might make sense to assume that there’s something wrong with the joint or the connective tissue around the affected area, but that’s not always the case.

So how do you determine the true source of your chronic pain issues? It can be a difficult journey, as many of the things that cause our body the most stress are of mental and emotional origin. Things like anxiety, or past traumas, can be stored in the body and create an inflammatory response that begins to have downstream effects, one of which is chronic pain.

In today’s episode, we’ll be diving deeper into the complexities of chronic pain by exploring how different systems of the body, our mental and emotional states play a role  in our health and well being. 

Our body may be made up of many different systems, but it is one organism. What affects one aspect of ourselves will carry over and affect other aspects, and by understanding the interconnectedness of these systems, we can better equip ourselves to address and resolve the issues that bar us from a free and healthy life. 

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