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EMP Podcast 90
Aaron Cantor Interviews Rafe Kelley: EMP Podcast 30
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Aaron Cantor Interviews Rafe Kelley: EMP Podcast 30

Aaron Cantor Asks The Questions

Hey everybody, welcome back to the Evolve Move Play Podcast!

We’ve put the show on hold for a while while we focus on a whole slew of events and exciting new ways to learn from EMP.

More about that later though!

We recently held our 2019 Return to the Source seminar and by all accounts it was the best event we’ve put on to date. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come since the first RttS.

What started years ago as a three-day parkour seminar in nature has blossomed and evolved into a week long event that time and time again brings people together from around the world and reconnects them to community, self, play, and nature. All of these are vital elements that can imbue our lives with joy and give our existence a deep and profound sense of meaning.

Every year the time it takes to transition from a group of strangers to a tribe of close friends who support and challenge each other happens quicker and more effortlessly. As this process becomes more streamlined, with each passing year we are effectively able to go deeper into what it means to live and move like a human.

This year we were joined by the one and only Aaron Cantor, an incredible coach and friend who’s been on the podcast before. He was both a participant and a facilitator at Return to the Source, and it was an absolute joy to have him present to share his stories, movement, humor and support.

After the event we sat down to film an interview for the podcast, but decided to make this one a little special and let Aaron ask the questions.  Aaron is as skilled as he is inquisitive and he does a great job as guest interviewer; we share some laughs along the way and it was a valuable means of processing and articulating the deeper insights from the event.

Among other things we dive into where Evolve Move Play started, how it got to where it is now, and where it is that we intend to go.

Maybe you’re curious about what the aim of EMP is, and how we go about achieving it. How do we determine what’s relevant and who do we look to for inspiration in this vast and chaotic world of beliefs, dogma, misinformation, and mystery?

If so, this is a great episode to watch. It gives you some insight into the nuts and bolts of our system and a bit of a peek into what we offer at our retreats.


Aaron Cantor Interviews Rafe Kelley: EMP Podcast 30

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Hopefully this episode has gotten you interested in training with us in person. You can follow the links below to sign up for one of our upcoming events!

EMP Autumn Retreat – Oct 3-6th
EMP San Francisco Experience – Sept 14-15th
EMP Los Angeles Experience – Sept 21-22nd

We are very excited to be releasing our Evolve Move Play online courses so you can learn how to move like a human from whatever town, city, or country you call home. Keep your eyes peeled for that in October!

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Aaron Cantor

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