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Movement, Play & Martial Arts for Self Cultivation with Jan Bloem | EMP Podcast 97
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Movement, Play & Martial Arts for Self Cultivation with Jan Bloem | EMP Podcast 97


Episode Breakdown

Today on the podcast we are joined by Jan Bloem.

Jan is a human movement scientist and neuroscientist who has been practicing martial arts since the age of 4. Over the last 46 years he’s trained in a wide variety of combative arts such as Judo, Karate, Pentjak Silat, and Systema.

It’s probably no surprise to you then that he is also a renowned self defense expert and psychomotor therapist who works with law enforcement, special forces and elite level athletes.

In this conversation we’ll talk a lot about martial arts and the way that cultural influences such as theatre, sport, and even capitalism shape how they have been taught and utilized throughout recent history. We’ll talk about common myths and misconceptions around martial arts and the crucial importance of aliveness and opponent processing feedback for any system or athlete who has a real interest in combative applications.

We also have an in depth conversation about our modern health crisis of sedentarism: Obesity, atrophy, incoordination, anxiety, depression, adhd and the importance of utilizing play and movement for character development and cultivating the self through gradual, deliberate exposure to challenge and risk.

I had a wonderful time talking with Jan, and hope to have him on the show again in the future. This will be the first of three episodes that focus intently on martial arts, so if you enjoyed the conversation, be sure to leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t yet.

Your support means the world to us! Thanks a lot and enjoy the show!


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