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Seattle Parkour Summer Camp for Kids

The Parkour Camp Your Kid’s Been Dreaming About!



Due to the changing situation with COVID-19, our in-person classes, workshops, and other live vents are on pause until further notice. Find out more about our status and how we’re responding here. 

But there’s good news! Our Intro to Natural Parkour (INP) course is 100% online and can be safely adapted to your environment. It’s a great way to learn the skills and tools to keep our movement practice alive during times when we need it most.


We evolved to move, to move through nature, and to learn to move through play. In a world of longer school hours, less physical education, and shorter recesses, children are being stunted by lack of access to movement, play, and time in nature. But you know what hands-down most kids are HIGHLY intrigued by?

Natural parkour.

Maybe they’ve heard of it. Maybe they’ve seen some awesome parkour videos… Even if they haven’t, we propose that you simply show them this tree-running video. What kid hasn’t aspired to move through the trees like Tarzan? Sure, the modern child’s world is filled with digital distractions like games and the computer. It can be truly difficult to get children to exercise or play outside with the hodgepodge of tech and information that’s constantly thrown at them.

At the same time, it’s hard for young ones to resist the pull of being able to do really cool stuff in the natural environment like jumping off rocks and climbing trees!

We don’t have to tell you that kids are naturally drawn to the outdoors. Our parkour summer camp offers them an energizing experience where they can play, connect with other kids, and spend all their time in nature. Of course, they’ll also get what they came for- to learn how to do really cool parkour moves!

Let Kids Be Kids

At our week-long parkour summer camp, we are dedicated to letting kids be kids. Our instructors will make time each day to guide the group through games and activities that build physical, mental, and emotional robustness while maintaining a balance of free exploration time for the children to create, discover, and learn about the things they are naturally drawn to.


  • During our parkour summer camp, kids get to explore and discover awesome skills, like:
  • Moving through trees aka climbing and even running through them!
  • Wrestling and roughhousing
  • Awareness of body, environment, and others
  • Plant and animal identification
  • Throwing and catching
  • Running and jumping in nature
  • Making new friends

Campers also revel in laughing and telling stories in the great outdoors at our parkour training camp. Last but definitely not least, we will talk about how to develop awareness and have amazing adventures SAFELY! These are skills and tools children can carry with them for the rest of their life.


Evolve Move Play’s Parkour Summer Camp for kids is a week-long, day camp experience in Seattle for boys and girls ages 8 and older. Camp hours run from 9am to 1pm and will include an hour lunch break. There will always be at least two staff members present to guide and watch over the kids as they have an exciting, action-packed week of learning and play. We are excited to see you there! 

In the meantime, visit our Learn With Us Page for awesome videos and articles to get your little one pumped for the adventures to come…


Whether your child is familiar with natural parkour or not does NOT matter. 
If your child has done something like this before or not does NOT matter. 

Our parkour camps for kids are open to children of all fitness levels! All that’s required are comfortable play clothes (preferably that dry quickly), some sneakers with support, and a touch of enthusiasm. Even if your kid isn’t big on outdoor activities, it’s a great way to get them away from devices and back in touch with nature and other kids!


For more general questions about the Evolve Move Play method, natural movement and parkour, check out our FAQ page to see what we’re all about. For more specific questions about our parkour summer camps for kids, feel free to drop us a line!


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